Sitemark Field App (Beta)

We launched the beta version of our Sitemark Field App integration. Sitemark Field App is the outcome of the software integration with the mobile field solution from Fulcrum. Sitemark Fuse platform allows you now to export the thermal anomalies of a Solar Inspection Pro or Essential data product.

In fact, you will create a punchlist, send this to the mobile app, so that the field technicians do not need any papers anymore. They can easily locate anomalies and add relevant additional data while being on site.

For more details on the Fulcrum integration, please check here.

Export Chart Data

We have added a download button to every chart in statistics mode. This allows you to download aggregated information in a CSV format, for further analysis in third party software

Small Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • When browsing through photos on the map, the thermal range you set is now stored. This way, you don't have to change it again for every photo you look at.

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