Filtered Layer Exports

You can now also apply the filters when you export a data layer from Sitemark Fuse platform. This means that, when you applied a filter in your 2D view on Sitemark Fuse, you can now also apply the same filter when you download one of the data layers (anomalies, annotations, etc.).

The download tool will allow you to export the specific layer in your needed file formats, like for example .CSV, .GeoJSON, .KML. People can use the download tool to export the raw data into a third party software, if needed for further analysis.

The following print screens show you the download tool, which you can open on the Sitemark Fuse platform, via Export > Layer Download:

Download Original File from Overlay

You are now able to download the original file from the overlay. It's often hard to find the original file from the overlay you uploaded a while ago, or it might have been uploaded by a team member. For people like you, it might be very handy if you can then just download that source file from the Sitemark Fuse platform itself. The following example shows you how to download the overlay.

Small Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • The Digital Surface Model layer now has a default transparency of 70%, so that you can easily see other layers through it for enhanced analysis.

  • The swipe compare feature was broken when rotating the map. This has now been fixed and the swipe compare works again with a rotated map.

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