Surface Cleanup

Whenever you're doing 3D measurements, you might run into trouble when obstacles are blocking your view. Think about conveyor belts or vegetation blocking the view for a stockpile measurement, or a car blocking an elevation profile of a road.

Surface Cleanup allows you to cleanup the digital elevation model by masking out the obstacles. Want to learn more? Read all about it here: Surface Cleanup.

Solar Construction Site Dashboard

In the last release we covered the operation level dashboard for our Solar Construction product.

This release, we're taking a step further! Instead of just showing you what was detected in the operation, we're giving you insight on the status of the entire site.

You can now find out how many elements you've built on your entire site, although your operations are only covering certain regions. Using the regions feature you'll be able to get those insights for specific regions of your site.

Want to use the data in your preferred project management tool to see if you're still on track? Just hit the download button on the top right of the chart and you'll get an overview of how many elements have been built in the different regions.

Order Operation for Region

Need to capture only a part of your site? When creating a new operation, you can now easily select one of the regions of your site as the area of interest.

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