In certain cases you want to have a more in depth understanding of your property and you require a visual and a thermal overview of your site. The unique combination of the RBG (visual) and the thermal makes this product unique. Using the advanced measurement tools inside Sitemark Fuse, customers can analyse their assets condition. And so you understand what is happening on a temperature level with your asset.

Use this data product to identify heat losses or identify potential problems on your assets.

What do I get?

This data product outputs the following layers:

  • Visual RGB Orthomosaic

  • Thermal Radiometric Orthomosaic, geo-referenced on top of the RGB data

  • Point Cloud

  • Digital Elevation Model

  • Textured 3D Mesh

What kind of data should I provide to Sitemark?

Sitemark needs geo-tagged visual (RGB) and thermal photos with an appropriate position accuracy. Sitemark will process these photos and positioning data to produce a highly accurate survey of your site. For more information about the input data requirements, please check this article.

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