By using the field app you will be able to send analysed and filtered data from the Sitemark Fuse platform to your mobile device. And then, once you are in the field, you can use the field app to navigate through the site and to add relevant data to any of your field records. Using the field app for data collection in the field is an easy and streamlined way to get faster insights on your assets and centralise information in a single location.

In this article you will learn how you prepare yourself to start using the field app integration on Sitemark Fuse. You can find the field app integration on Sitemark Fuse under Export and then choose Integrations.

1️⃣ Request your field app account

With this integration Sitemark has partnered with Fulcrum. In order to start using the field app, we will set up a Fulcrum user account for you. Perhaps you've noticed the pop-up message here on this page, asking you to confirm your contact information. If you did not notice the pop-up message, please send a message with your name, email and company name via the chat feature on this page. We will use that information to create your user account and to start your 45-day free trial. Once we have set up your account, you will receive a notification email to welcome you and to set your password.

2️⃣ Download the Fulcrum App

Very soon you will send data from the Sitemark Fuse platform to the field app. In order to access that data on your mobile device, you will need to download and install the Fulcrum mobile app on a supported iOS or Android device. Click the Download button below and follow the given instructions.

3️⃣ Log in to your Fulcrum account

In the first step you have set your password to have access to your Fulcrum user account. You can use that account to log in to the Fulcrum field app on your mobile device or to log in to the Fulcrum web app on your pc.

The field app is used on your mobile device in the field to collect and edit data, while the web app is used on your PC to manage your Fulcrum account plan, to add members to your organisation, to create new apps or to duplicate existing apps and to export the data.

If you now want to prepare your data on the Sitemark Fuse platform to export it to the field app, please have a look at this article.

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