In this article we guide our new users of the field app through the first steps of data preparation and data syncing between Sitemark Fuse and field app.

First make sure that you have finished your Field App Setup, you can go through this article to make sure you are ready to go!

Now we will take you through the next steps to push your data to the field app.

  1. Prepare your data

  2. Send your data

  3. Open the Field App

1️⃣ Prepare your data

In this first step you will prepare the analysed data for syncing with the field app. In your Sitemark Fuse platform, open a completed operation and make sure that you filter the data, so that you only see what you need. For example, filter your solar panel anomalies based on the type, cause, severity, delta temperature or any other thermal anomaly property. If you are interested to learn more about the thermal anomaly properties first, please read this article.

If you don't know how to filter your data, we recommend to go through this article about filtering data first.

2️⃣ Send your data

In this second step you will send the data from the Sitemark Fuse platform to the field app. In your Sitemark Fuse platform, open your solar inspection result and click Export in the top left menu and then, choose Integrations.

Now you can enter your Fulcrum user account to sign in.

After signing in, you will get the next window:

Sending thermal anomaly data

In this step you will select the form to which you want to push the thermal anomaly data. In order to do this, please follow the next step-by-step guidelines.

  1. Select the form to which you want to push your data. Sitemark has previously shared a template form with you. This template form will now appear in the dropdown menu. You can use this form for now. Later, you will be able to create your own forms with their own record fields which you want to collect on-site.

  2. Select the data layer that you want to push to the field app. In this example we select the Thermal Anomalies layer. Once you have selected this layer you will see 2 lists of data fields an example of this is shown in the screenshot below. When you see these two lists you will need to ensure that the data mapping has been done correctly and the data being pushed from Sitemark matches the data labels of Fulcrum as shown in the example below. The checkbox at the beginning of each field indicates if you want to push this information to the field app.

  3. Make sure you check the Apply filters box, to make sure that you only push your filtered data to the field app. Otherwise, if you do not apply filters, all thermal anomaly data from that inspection will be pushed to the field app.

  4. When you are ready you will be able to push the data to Fulcrum by using the Push features button at the bottom. The platform will now send and synchronise the data from the Sitemark Fuse platform to the Fulcrum field app.
    ℹ️ This process can take a few minutes and you'll receive an email as soon as it is finished.

The next example shows the Data tab with the selected form and layer.

Sending a map layer

This next section will show you how to choose and send a specific map layer to the field app.

  1. Click on the Layers tab.

  2. The platform shows the different layers which you can push to the field app. With the toggle switch on the right you can select the data layer which you want to push. Each layer will also show the validity in number of days. This validity has to do with digital data security. When you notice that the validity is almost zero days, you can refresh the validity by clicking the Renew validity icon next to the toggle switch. Renewing the validity for a data layer is free of charge.

    ℹ️ Currently you can choose from any RGB Orthomosaic data layer and any optimised PDF overlay which are present in your operation.

    ⚠️ Only a Solar Inspection Pro operation has the orthomosaic as map layer.

The next example shows the Layers tab with the selected data layers to push to the field app.

3️⃣ Open the Field App

Now you are ready to use the field app on your mobile device!

First you will need to open the field app on your mobile device and sign in by using your Fulcrum user account.

When you sign in for the first time, the device will automatically sync your data with the server. This sync will download the data that you pushed from the Sitemark Fuse platform. There will be an icon at the top of your application indicating that there is a sync in progress. After the sync is completed, you will be able to see the data in your form.🎉

We have bundled some quick-start guidelines in the following article. By going through them, you will learn how you can start using the field app on your mobile device.

4️⃣ Tips & Tricks

Once you start using the field app over and over again, you will become very familiar with the ease of use. And that also means that you will be able to use more available options and features in the field app.

Here we have listed a few interesting tips & tricks that you can try by using the field app:

💡 You can add other fields to the field app that aren't used by Sitemark. For example, you can add a barcode field for example to keep track of panel replacements.

💡 You can assign specific records in the field app to different technicians. And so you can divide the work amongst your field team.

💡 If you want to send different filtered data from Sitemark Fuse to the field app, you can push data to the same form multiple times.

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