Solar Anomaly Numbering

This article will cover how our Solar Anomaly Number works and some of the frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

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Solar Anomaly Numbering is an optional add-on for the Solar Thermography data products which delivers numbering for each anomaly detected. They are useful for quickly understanding where in the site that particular component is located, especially when you don't have the luxury of being able to use the platform.

This article will explain the typical more about how they can be used, explain how the numbering works and more.

What is the purpose of anomaly numbering?

Anomaly numbering provides a different way of locating of each anomaly on the site, in addition to the coordinates which are already included by default. This numbering will be available for each anomaly in the platform under the property "Solar Anomaly Reference" and can be exported as well to the PDF report and CSV.

How are the anomalies numbered?

Sitemark numbering is based off a grid system in which tables and panels increment west to east, starting in the left bottom corner of the site.

If the site layout does not fit the standard format, the site is also broken up into sections to further aid in localization. The reference is available under the property "Solar Anomaly Reference" in the format as shown below

What is the difference between a table and a string?

On most sites, tables and strings are the same. In some rare cases, a string can span across multiple tables (see example below). For localization, Sitemark uses tables as a reference in our grid numbering system.

Can we use our own custom numbering scheme?

Sitemark uses a standard numbering based on a grid system based on panels, tables and sections.

Sitemark does currently not support custom numbering schemes, but only on request.

Will the turnaround time be affected when I opt in for numbering?

Depending on the size of the operation, the turnaround time will increase slightly when solar anomaly numbering is included.

If there is a tight deadline for your project, please reach out to your operations coordinator or support so that we can take this into account and see what we can do to help.

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