Since DJI has revealed the new Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone with the dual sensor, we were excited to test the sample data and see the compatibility by processing the first dataset.

M2EA is very portable and user friendly drone which has 640 × 512 px Thermal Radiometric Camera and 48MP Visual Camera which gives a great base for flying solar missions.

However DJI has not yet offered the formulas to read the RAW radiometric temperatures in photos. On the drone's remote controller you can see and measure temperature values but these are purely visual. The RAW data stored in the image is converted in a custom DJI format that we can't convert until the formulas are released.

This raw temperature information is the foundation that Sitemark’s high quality processing and automated anomaly detection is based on.

⚠️ Based on our conversations with DJI, the specifications of this new format will be provided by DJI in October 2021. (please note that DJI has postponed the release date)

Until then, unfortunately we can't accept the thermal data on the platform and therefore we will only support the 48MP Visual Camera.


The dual thermal sensor Zenmuse XT2 is no longer in production therefore we can recommend to our customers/pilots the DJI H20T sensor for the moment, as the preferred and most powerful combo together with the Matrice 300 for solar site inspections.

If you would like to know more about the supported hardware click here:

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