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RTK for Solar Construction

This article will explain the use of RTK for the Solar Construction Product

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Ensuring that the RTK is correctly configured for use in the Solar Construction product is crucial in oder to utilise the product to its fullest capabilities.

Why is it important?

In order for the Fusing to be used in the Solar Construction product all flights carried out require to have an absolute accuracy of 5cm in both the horizontal and vertical axis to a known coordinate reference system (EPSG).

The pilot needs to ensure that flights are conducted so that the data from differing weeks will sit perfectly on top of previously captured data, in order that site progress can be accurately monitored. As a consequence high absolute accuracy and repeatability are crucial.

How to do it

To achieve this an RTK enabled drone is ideal. The drone needs to acquire a correction service either via a Virtual Reference Station using an NTRIP service provider (eg Trimble VRS Now) or the base station used on site needs to be setup on a known point, the coordinates of which need to have been accurately established.

As discussed in the 'DJI - D-RTK 2 Base Station Setup & NTRIP' article, it is not acceptable to use the DJI D-RTK 2 base station to establish the coordinates of the known point due to the high errors in both the horizontal and vertical axis in Single Position acquisition.

If it is not possible to create known points or use an NTRIP service, then the other option would be to fly with GCPs and use these in the processing of the data.

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