On the 27th of October 2022, DJI has released two new drones from Mavic Enterprise series such as DJI Mavic 3E and Mavic 3T. The legacy continues and we are thrilled to welcome and discover those new beasts!

The Mavic 3T seems like a stronger brother to the existing M2EA. The right concept of lightweight, portable and powerful multi-sensor drone, which is leading the maximum flight time in the air (up to 45min).

The Mavic 3T - Highlights🔥

💡Dual camera system

💡Resolution of the thermal sensor 640 × 512

(impressive, as its comparable to H20T/M2EA/M30T thermal sensors)

💡45 min flight time - much longer then its precedent

💡Mechanical shutter

💡DJI Pilot 2 compatibility

💡Wide+Tele visual capabilities

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series Announced – Two New Models | CineD

Test data received🗽= compatibility in progress........⚙️

Stay tuned!

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