Site-level data exports

Especially in very large solar construction projects, downloading the necessary insights could become a hassle. These large-scale projects utilise multiple inspections per week, covering smaller active zones of the larger plant. Finding the right operation to extract insights from becomes unnecessarily complex.

To make it easier to export the needed insights, we added an export button to the site detail page.

The modal that opens allows you to pick the statistic you want to export, the file type and the date for which the insight should be exported.

The statistics are the same ones as used in Statistics Mode of an individual operation.

The example below highlights the supported statistics for a solar construction project. Statistics marked as (Site) provide insights on a site level and aggregate the results from operations that came before.

Flight times in weather uploader

When uploading weather data from your monitoring system, it's important to know the date range for which you have to export the data. That date range is defined by when the thermal flights of the inspection happened.

To make it easy to find the necessary information, we've added a Flight Information table to the weather data uploader.

The table shows you the different thermal flights that took place to acquire the data for the inspection. Sites can be covered in smaller blocks for a number of reasons, like area, elevation, etc. Using the table, you can easily see when these different flights happened.

๐Ÿ’ก The weather feature is currently in Beta. Reach out to us if you want to learn more.

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