Select region type for site-level data exports

In the last release, we highlighted a new feature to export data on a site level.

All of these insights make use of the regions functionality to split the insights according to pre-defined regions. Regions can be used in the exports for a lot of different use-cases, ranging from comparisons with a monitoring system, to imports with project management software. Different stakeholders have different export requirements and typically work with different types of regions.

To make it easy to use these different region types in the data exports, the region type can now directly be chosen in the export modal.

Annotations to field app

Until now, the field app was mostly focused on tackling anomalies detected in thermographic inspections. The field app itself however is extremely flexible and can be used for any on-site workflow by using the built-in form builder.

To allow managing general site maintenance work through the Sitemark Fuse platform, it's now possible to sync annotations to the field app as well.

This can be used to track maintenance of inverters, inspection of access roads, reparation of erosion problems, etc. Your imagination is the only limit here.

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