Drone-Captured Visual (RGB) Image Requirements

  • GSD: >2.5 cm per pixel. Usually the limitation will be the maximum flight height, depending on the legislation in the country.
  • Front-Overlap: 75%
  • Side Overlap: 70%
  • Flight Path: At least 2 flight lines should be outside the boundaries of the operation in all directions
  • Gimbal Orientation: Nadir (-90 deg). Capture additional oblique photos for improved quality in case of complex terrains/buildings.
  • Image Format: JPEG - Each image should contain the following metadata: GPS location, relative altitude and timestamp
  • Image Quality: in focus, free from motion blur and with minimal glare
  • At least 20 photos need to be uploaded


Blocks cannot be used for this data product, since one homogeneous output has to be produced

Ground Control Points (GCPs)

Ground control points are optional, but recommended. Even when using high-accuracy photos that have been geotagged using an RTK or PPK solution, we recommend placing at least one GCP for optimal accuracy.

For more information on how to use Ground Control, please refer to the following article: How to Use Ground Control

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