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Overview of the of Solar As-Built Data Product

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The Solar Site As-Built Data Product helps you build a highly detailed, accurate, as-built solar site. This as-built can be used as an input for a Solar Thermography Data Products, in case you have no proper as-built available. Should you be in doubt, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

If you don't have a PDF or a DXF as-built file from your site, you must use this data product to generate a high-quality as-built plan.

Benefits of a Solar As-Built

  • High-quality RGB base map that can be used for navigation and more accurate localisation of panels on the site.

  • Use the digital elevation model to plan more accurate inspection flights following the terrain of your site.

  • It only needs to be captured once and can be used for the entire lifetime of your site.

Solar Site As-Built Image

What do I get?

This data product outputs the following layers:

  • RGB Orthomosaic (downsampled at 2.5cm GSD)

  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)

This data product does not include 3D models or point clouds.

On completion of the operation, the RGB orthomosaic layer of this data product will automatically be copied as an overlay on the site it was ordered on. This way, it can be used as an as-built for other operations such as the Solar Thermography data products.

What data should I provide?

For the detailed requirements of the input data, check out this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I also receive a PDF as-built or CAD drawing?

No, this data product will only deliver a visual orthomosaic. We don't process this any further into a site plan or CAD drawing.

What if I upload photos at a higher resolution?

This data product will process and downsample any output at 2.5cm GSD, so there is no benefit in uploading higher-resolution photos (lower GSD). If you upload 1cm GSD photos, your output data will still be 2.5cm GSD.

Can I upload photos at a lower resolution?

You can upload photos at higher GSD to make your flight time more effective. We put the recommended at 2.5 cm because the maximum legal flight height is usually reached at this point.

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