Once the app GSPro is open, you need to select a new mission and choose 3DMap Area.

Once this is done you can start to plan your site and add the XT2 camera. To do this select camera model, then add custom camera (this is the same process as adding the XT camera).

Then scroll to the bottom of the column and select this button.

First name the camera Zenmuse XT2 13mm (if applicable). After this you must add the specifications of the XT2:

To adjust sensor width & height (normally no need): 

Sensore Width: 640*17 micrometers = 10,88 mm
Sensor Height: 512*17 micrometers = 8,704 mm

When you have done this you will be looking at a map. Here you have to find the area of interest, by moving around the map and comparing focal points. Once you have found the site you tap on the screen and make the polygon around the site and the flight plan can begin.

All parameters in this image are only an example and not the same as Sitemark standards.

Then plan the mission as you have been informed by Sitemark.

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