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How to use the Swipe Compare
How to use the Swipe Compare

This article will help you learn more about the visual swipe compare feature to compare your operations visually side by side

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Getting started

The visual swipe compare can be used in any completed operation. You open the swipe compare for the View feature in the top left section of the interactive map.

Swipe compare allows you to visually compare different layers from a site. You can compare different layers from the same operation or from a different operation. For example, you can compare the construction progress over time by comparing the RGB orthomosaic layer from two different operations in time.

Below are some examples of how it can be used to provide insights on your data.

Tracking site progress

By comparing the RGB orthomosaic layer from 2 different operations, you can compare the progress that has been made.

To do this, first select the operation you would like to compare with the one you are currently viewing. Then, in the layer drop down box, select the RGB Orthomosaic layer.

Alternatively you could also compare the Digital Surface Model layers to get further insights into the progress of that construction site.

Verifying if corrective actions have had the desired impact

By comparing the thermal layers of 2 different operations, you will be able to verify if your corrective actions have solved the issue or if the issue persisted. This comparison is useful, for example to make sure that any soiling or vegetation issues have not caused any permanent damage to the panels.

Doing root cause detection on thermal anomalies

By comparing the thermal and the RGB Orthomosaic layer, you might find the right cause of the thermal problem on site. This comparison will help you to find major or recurrent causes on your site, so that you can develop specific maintenance strategies.

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