The Solar Inspection Pro and Essential data products are used to identify and locate maintenance issues and their potential causes on solar sites. Using a thermal and visual (RGB) view of each anomaly, you can determine exactly where and what the problems are on your site, and what is causing them.

What is the difference between the Pro and Essential version?

The Pro version is an orthomosaic based solution. This data product includes a full thermal and visual (RGB) orthomosaic of your site, allowing you to visualize every single solar panel. Some advantages over the Essential version include:

  • No sun glare - all glare is automatically filtered out during processing

  • Audit the detection quality - you have a visual of every single panel, even the ones that weren't detected by Sitemark as being problematic

  • Assess the evolution of the health of each solar panel in time using our swipe compare feature

The Essential version is a photo based solution. This data product provides you only a thermal and visual (RGB) photo of each anomaly, without any orthomosaics. One requirement is that you will have to provide a panel level as-built of your full solar site. For more information on this as-built requirement, please check out this article.

Both versions include the same level of details of the data analytics regarding the anomalies. You can find more information about what kind of analytics are included in this article.

An example of a pro inspection:

An example of an essential inspection:

What data do I need to provide?

For the Pro version, check out this article for the data input requirements

For the Essential version, check out this article for the data input requirements

What do I get?

This data product outputs the following layers:

  • Thermal orthomosaic - only in Solar Inspection Pro

  • Visual orthomosaic - only in Solar Inspection Pro

  • Geo-located solar anomalies - in Solar Inspection Pro and Essential

  • Visual and thermal photos for each anomaly - in Solar Inspection Pro and Essential



Thermal orthomosaic of entire site

Visual orthomosaic of entire site

Geo-located solar anomalies

Visual and thermal photos for each anomaly


The following add-ons are available for the solar inspection data products:

  • Fast Track: faster flight planning, execution and processing

  • Irradiance product add on: assurance that the data is acquired at 600W/m², verified using a handheld device

  • Solar Anomaly Numbering: structured numbering for every anomaly to make it easier to locate them in the field, check out this article for more information


The solar inspection data products are also available in a 3cm GSD version. This makes the acquisition officially IEC compliant, which is required by some manufacturers for warranty claims.


The Solar Inspection Pro is not compatible on water floating solar sites. The reason is related to the fact that the water surface is looking very similar. It is very hard to find unique looking pixels (keypoints) on water surfaces, as water is very uniform. The image processing software will not be able to process the data. Like water bodies, deserts and forest canopies are also hard to process, because each pixel will look similar in the aerial image. Even if keypoints are found, it is very hard to match them between images, as these points are not static (water moves). Since the images that mainly contain water surfaces do not get calibrated, they do not contribute at all to the processing and can not be used to give color to the orthomosaic. Finally it might give some holes (lack of information) in the orthomosaic on water surface areas.

Please use the Solar Inspection Essential data product instead. The Solar Inspection Essential does not need the dataset to be processed and will deliver the needed inspection results.

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