If this is the first time that you will be uploading data to the Sitemark Fuse platform you will need to add the drone equipment and accessories that you used for the flight to the platform.

You can do this by clicking on the equipment button that is located on the left panel of the platform shown in red below.

Once you have located the equipment tab, you will need to add in your equipment. First add in your drone that was used to conduct the flight but click the Add drone button located in the top right of the screen.

Next you will need to add in the accessory used for the flight, navigate to the accessory menu by clicking on Accessories on the panel on the left side. You can then click on the Add accessory button on the top right to add them in.

Please make sure that for dual cameras eg. XT2 that you add both the RGB camera and the Thermal camera for this model as shown below.


The sites you see on your account are ordered and assigned to you as the drone provider.

Every site seen that is not in completed status needs to needs some action taken with it.

Planning the mission

After the site is in Assigned, it is time to plan it to do this you click on the site and it you will be redirected to a page where you can see the plan flights option.

When planning the mission there are specifics that need to be added. First you need to confirm the pilot that will be flying the mission. Following this you need to confirm the day of flying the mission. Once that is done, the next important thing is to confirm the equipment you will fly with.

This is required so that the Sitemark processing team can use the right workflow and provide the best data back to you. If you do not select the correct equipment when you go to upload the data the photos will be rejected by the uploader.

When planning the site, you can tick and un-tick the box in the top left on the screenshot above. This makes the flight block that you are currently planning be highlighted. As you can plan different equipment for different blocks as well as different pilots.

Therefore once you have decided on the planned date for each operation it is time to finish your planning it is time to confirm the planning.

Once this is done it is time to fly the mission on site, using the instructions provided by Sitemark.


Once the mission is confirmed as flown on the platform, we ask that you check the photos and ensure that there is full coverage and the flight lines are parallel to the panels.

After the photos are checked it is time to upload the images. Using our platform to upload these images.


Once all images are uploaded, the data is then with Sitemark and it's up to us to perform the Quality Check on the data within 24hours. If it passes the Quality Check we will go ahead a process the data without any further contact.

The upload should be completed on one tab to avoid duplication issues while uploaded.

However if the data fails someone from Sitemark will be in touch and inform you how to proceed with this site and why it failed QC. Once the data is re-uploaded and the QC step is passed, Sitemark will process the data and the site will be completed ready for you to view the analysis.

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