Before we jump into the interactive part below, let's have a refreshment

on the Flight Parametres for Thermal Inspections:

Before you take off, please use this cheat sheet as a reminder on what are the main criteria for High-Quality Data.

🚨CHECK LIST - Think Quality 👉🏻 Read Twice Fly Once!

🚨Dos & Don’ts


🚨 PHOTO CHECKER - tool that might save you from coming back to the site! "Quality is not an act it is a habit"

🚨 Axis Trackers

  • We prefer that the panels are fixed horizontally if this is not possible the angle of the trackers should not exceed 50° from horizontal.

  • Avoid flying early in the morning/late in the afternoon when the sun is in the lowest position in order to minimise the inter-row glare

💡Dual Axis Trackers

  • If the dual axis tracker is higher than <5 m - please follow the rooftop guidelines and increase the altitude if needed to make sure every tracker is entirely visible on the visual and thermal photos.

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