The Sitemark platform allows users to download data in various file formats for use in third-party software. This article explains the different types of data and file formats that you can download.

The available downloads depend on the data product of the operation. To get an overview of what data outputs are available for each data product, check out this data products overview

Downloading raw data product outputs

To download raw data product outputs for a specific operation, go to the operation and select Export => Layer Downloads from the menu

Depending on the data product, you will get a list of different outputs available for download

Point Clouds

Point clouds are downloadable in LAS format.


Orthomosaics are downloadable in GeoTIFF format. Check out this article on how to view GeoTIFF files in QGIS

You can also select a different resolution for the orthomosaic. Selecting a lower resolution will result in a smaller file size

Annotations and Analytics

Annotations and analytics (depending on the data product) can be downloaded in three formats: CSV, KML and GeoJSON

CSV exports take a longer time to generate and are send automatically to your email address on completion. You can edit the email address before exporting.

Downloading individual annotations and analytics

An individual annotation or analytic such as solar anomalies, can be exported by clicking on the analytic or annotation to bring up the information tile and then click on the download button shown in the right top corner. Currently available formats are GeoJSON and KML.

Downloading individual photos

Individual photos can also be downloaded by clicking on the download button in the right top corner of a photo

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