Bulk CSV Exports

Learn how to export anomalies, punch list items and annotations for multiple sites and operations for external analysis.

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While the platform offers a lot of insights already, it can be interesting to analyse your data in more detail in external tools, like BI or data science software. Downloading data for each operation would be way too tedious, so it's more efficient to use our bulk export feature. This is where the bulk CSV exports becomes useful.

What can be exported?

Any vector data can be exported. This means you can export things like thermal anomalies, annotations and mechanical elements. The screenshot below shows an overview.

Note that only data you have available will be visible for export. If you've only done thermographies for example, you'll only see the annotations and thermal anomalies.

How can I export it?

You can do a bulk export by going to the sites overview page and clicking the grey download button at the top right. When you click it, a modal will open that guides you through the export process. Go ahead and select the type of data you want to export. You'll see a few export options.

The date range filter allows you to select for which timeframe you want to export data. You might only be interested in the anomalies from this year for example, as last year's data is outdated. By default all data that's available for your sites will be included.

Change your email or language if needed and click the grey button to generate the export. A download link will be emailed to you as soon as it's ready.

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