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Configuring what emails to receive
Configuring what emails to receive

Learn how to receive only the emails you want from Sitemark.

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Performing drone inspections involves a lot of operational work. In the Sitemark platform we send email updates depending on the current status of your operation. Depending on your role, however, it might or might not be important to receive regular updates about the state of your operations.

Configuring the email updates

You can configure what types of emails you want to receive by editing your profile.

At the bottom of the sidebar, click on the My Account button and choose the Edit Profile option.

Edit profile

Under the Emails tab, you can configure which types of emails you want to receive.

Configure email preferences

Tips and Tricks

  • Every email that can be disabled also contains a handy link to these preferences.

  • Note that these preferences are shared across companies. If you belong to multiple companies, they will apply to all of them.

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