Site Access Management

Learn how to set up site-by-site access for regional teams.

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If you have a larger portfolio, it's usually split over multiple regional site managers. They have full authority over their part of the portfolio, but knowing about the rest of the portfolio is only confusing.

This article explains how to efficiently manage the access to your sites in the Fuse platform.

Enabling site-level access management

The first thing you need to do is enable site-level access management for the site managers. You can do this by editing the user and revoking the Portfolio Access permission. This will allow you to configure which sites they can access.

Revoking portfolio access permission enables site-level access management.

After revoking portfolio-wide access, grant them access to their part of the portfolio in the Site access tab.

Enable the sites the user should have access to.

Don't forget to save your changes!

Make sure your site managers still have the User Management and Site Access Management permissions. This allows them to invite new users to the platform and determine which of their sites they can access. This way, they can manage everything for their part of the portfolio!

Checking who can access a site

Rather than configuring which sites a user can access, it can also be helpful to determine which users can access a certain site. You can do this through the Manage Access modal of a site.

It can be found on the site landing page on the right hand side of your screen. You can select the Users section and then choose which users can access this site.

In the example below you will use that users with portfolio level access will automatically have access to the site and cannot be removed.

Restricting Field Link Access

The site access management feature works well in combination with the Field Link. By only granting a technician access to the sites he needs to work on, his Field Link overview remains clean. Your site managers can prepare the punch list in advance and grant the technician access to their site. The technician will then see the site in his Field Link and can get to work.

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