Field Link is currently in a public beta. Everyone can try it out for free.

ℹ️ Introduction

Welcome to Field Link! The Field Link is the mobile extension of our Fuse platform to be used in the field by technicians. It allows technicians to tackle items on their punch list, take pictures, comment, highlight issues they see in the field, and much more. All data is automatically synced with the Sitemark Fuse platform for a seamless handover.

Field Link example

As a disclaimer: this app is still in its beta phase, so some functionality will not be in its final form yet. Please provide all the feedback you have to your contact within Sitemark.

πŸ”— Setting up the Field Link

Every site in the Sitemark platform has its unique field link. You're protecting the data from other users by sharing the link with whoever needs access to that site. The Field Link always shows the data from the latest operation on that site.

Follow these four easy steps to get started:

  1. Go to the Fuse Platform & choose a site that has at least one completed operation.

  2. Click Copy Field Link in the dropdown of this site, copying the URL to your clipboard.

  3. Send the URL to the desired mobile device through your app of choice (e.g., WhatsApp, email, or other internal tools).

  4. Open the link on your mobile device.

Copy Field Link button

Opening the Field Link on your device allows you to view the data in the field. What you see depends on your permissions, as we'll cover further down.

πŸ’‘ It will ask for location permission - which it needs to locate you in the field.

πŸ“± Using the Field Link

The Field Link serves several use cases. We have specific support articles to help you achieve those:

Here, we'll highlight some general concepts already.

Field Link controls

The Layers button on the top right of the screen allows configuring which layers are visible on the map. All site-level layers from the Fuse platform are available here, including overlays. Only the operation layers of the latest operation on the site are available.

The Locate self button on the bottom right of the screen zooms in on your location.

The Create item button on the bottom left of the screen allows you to create new punch list items in the field.

The anomalies, elements, annotations, and punch list items can be viewed and edited in the field. You can add attachments (images, videos, etc.) and comments.

πŸ” Access & Permissions

Anyone who wants to use the Field Link needs at least the following:

Site Managers vs Technicians

If you don't want your technicians to get access to the Fuse platform, you can grant them only Field Link permission. Users that only have Field Link permissions:

  • Can only access the Field Link, not the Fuse platform.

  • Can only see punch list items, not the other anomalies or elements.

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