Are you using the H20T camera?

We have noticed with the RGB zoom lens that the Zoom level set on the camera can change without input from the pilot. We have seen this happen when swapping batteries but it can also happen mid-flight.

Please make sure when flying with this camera that you are monitoring the zoom level set at all times to ensure that you do not have any problems.

When the zoom level changes there is a drastic change in the overlap and will result in a large amount of missing data and most likely a re-flight for that operation.

​Please be aware of the possible issues with focal length, when resuming the mission or swapping the batteries.


How to avoid such a issue before it's too late?

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Use photo checker in the field - or as soon as you can :)

In the photo checker you will be notified if your data have different values of focal lenthg. If yes, these data will be rejected.

βœ… Expected values: 10.14 mm

❌ Rejected values: 6.83mm / 25.39mm

The validation check will be done as well when uploading the data.

How to prevent it?

Please Check the zoom settings at all times when flying

(you can adjust your settings on the screen in the flight app)

Visual photos (RGB)

  • we support the ZOOM lens due to its high quality;

  • use the default settings (max. level X2).

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