Field Link is currently in public beta. Everyone can try it out for free.


Welcome to Field Link! The Field Link is our digital mobile app linked to our web platform. It is a web app designed for mobile to be used in the field by technicians. It will allow technicians to resolve items on their punch list, take pictures, comment, add new things they see in the field, and many more. This data is automatically synced with the Sitemark Fuse platform for a seamless handover.

Field Link example

As a disclaimer: this app is still in its testing phase, so some items will not be in their final form yet. Please provide all the feedback you have to your contact within Sitemark.

Setting up the Field Link

Every site in the Sitemark platform has its own unique field link. By sharing the link with whoever needs access to that site, you're protecting the data from other users. The Field Link always shows the data from the latest operation on that site.

Follow these 4 easy steps to get started:

  1. Go to the Fuse Platform & choose a site that has at least 1 completed operation.

  2. Click Copy Field Link in the dropdown of this site, copying the URL to your clipboard.

  3. Send the URL to the desired mobile device through your app of choice (e.g., Whatsapp, email, other internal tools).

  4. Open the link on your mobile device.

💡 It will ask for location permission - which it needs to locate you in the field.

Note that you need a Sitemark account to use the Field Link. You thus have to create users for your technicians. Make sure to give them Field Link permission. Learn more about managing users.

💡 Don't want your technicians to get access to the Fuse platform? Only grant them Field Link permission and nothing else.

Phases 🏗

The Field Link is still under construction, and we are constantly improving the features. Adding the improvements will happen in different phases.

The first phase (current phase)

In the first phase, you can make edits on an anomaly level in the field, allowing the same functionality as on the web platform.

Commenting and uploading pictures of an anomaly is already possible.

View mode

The second phase

In phase 2, the focus relies on managing. You will be able to create lists of anomalies, called punch lists, and assign a list to specific technicians (electrician, cleaning crew, etc.)

The items can be assigned individually or using a bulk action based on specific filters.

Bulk actions on thermal anomalies

Technicians will also be able to create new punch list items in the field. For example, they can take pictures of things they notice are wrong and place comments. These new items will also be synced automatically to the Sitemark Fuse platform.

Upcoming phases

  • Barcode scanning

  • Offline usage

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