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Explaining the practical applications of Tasks and Punch Lists
Explaining the practical applications of Tasks and Punch Lists

The video in this article will help you better understand how the Task and Punch list feature can be used to help your maintenance planning

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Once you have gone through your results and understood where the problems lie the next step would likely be to plan out how you are going to tackle those problems.

The video below will show you how you can use the Tasks and Punch lists features to better use the platform data to plan out the maintenance of your issues on site.


Additional Resources

  • Full Punch list/Task article - This article will go through the features in more detail, creating items, managing lists and pushing them to the field app.

  • Tackling anomalies in the field - Using our field application on your mobile to manage your issues while you are out on site.

  • Managing your maintenance interventions - This article will explain how you can set the remedial actions up in the platform for the issues you have on site to help your maintenance team know how to solve the issue.

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