Use Cases
11 articles
Using Regions to compare panel brandsLearn how to use the regions feature to analyse which panel brand / model exhibits the most problems.
Managing remedial actions for thermal anomaliesLearn how to keep track and perform remedial actions with help from the platform.
Field Link: Tackling anomalies in the fieldLearn how to efficiently resolve issues in the field using the Field Link application.
Filtering data to visualise the results significant to youThis article will help you understand how to leverage the filters feature on the platform for some common use cases.
Explaining the practical applications of Tasks and Punch ListsThe video in this article will help you better understand how the Task and Punch list feature can be used to help your maintenance planning
Using the PDF reports to share your resultsThe video in this article will go through some of the common use cases for using the PDF reports to share your inspection results.
How to effectively use bulk actions to become more efficient in platformThe video in this article will go through some of the use cases of Bulk Actions and how to efficiently set them up.
Managing a Warranty ClaimLearn how to efficiently collect serial numbers and other information needed for a warranty claim.
Using weather normalisation to compare anomaly degradation over timeThe video in this article will take you through how to take advantage of the weather normalisation feature in your results.
What is Thermography and how does it work?This article will cover some of the basics of Thermography in solar, how it works and some of the questions we see coming up often.
Analysing results: Solar Inspection ProHelping you to understand the results of a Solar Inspection Pro operation