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Field Link Location Permissions
Field Link Location Permissions

Learn how to make sure Field Link can access your device's high accuracy location.

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When your location in Field Link isn't visible or accurate, Field Link might just not have access to your high accuracy location.


Since Field Link is a web application, you need to make sure your browser and the Field Link website can access your precise location.

Browser Location

First, make sure your browser can access your precise location.

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services. Make sure location services are turned on.

  2. Look for your browser app in the list of apps. If you're using the default browser, you should look for Safari Websites. Tap it.

  3. Make sure Allow Location Access is set on Ask Next Time Or When I Share or While Using the App. It's easies to set it to While Using the App, as you can still determine per website how to use your location and by default they will ask permission every time again.

  4. Make sure Precise Location is turned on.

Website Location

When opening Field Link in your browser and accessing a site, you should get a popup that asks if it can use your current location. Make sure to allow that.

If you don't get that popup or you don't want that popup to appear every time follow these steps:

  1. Tap the double AA symbol on the left of the address bar.

  2. Tap on Website Settings.

  3. Tap on Location.

  4. Make sure it's on Ask or Allow to make sure Field Link can access your location.


Make sure your browser has access to your precise location.

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