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Field Link: Gathering serial numbers for a warranty claim
Field Link: Gathering serial numbers for a warranty claim

Learn how to use Field Link to efficiently gather serial numbers for a warranty claim.

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When you analyse the results from a thermal inspection, it's great if some of the problematic modules can be added to a warranty claim towards the manufacturer. Every manufacturer has specific criteria for what can be claimed and requests some additional information about the modules, like serial numbers and thermal information.

Selecting the modules that can go in a warranty claim can be done efficiently with the platform filters and bulk edits. Learn more about managing warranty claims in the platform.

Once you know which modules should go in a warranty claim, Field Link can be used to efficiently gather additional information in the field. We'll assume here you have set up Field Link already. Learn more about Field Link setup here.

Filter anomalies

The most efficient way to gather serial numbers is to use the solar anomalies layer directly, rather than working with tasks.

Only users with Analytics permission can see the solar anomalies in the Field Link.

Open up Field Link and tap the Filter button at the top of the screen. Apply the filters you need to focus on the anomalies you need to gather serial numbers for. We recommend using the Remedial Action property for that and filtering on Warranty.

Connect a bluetooth barcode scanner

To start scanning you should connect a bluetooth barcode scanner to your phone / tablet. There are a lot of good scanners out there. Just make sure it can connect with bluetooth and works for the operation system of your mobile device (iOS / Android). Once connected, the scanner acts as an external keyboard, so it just types out the code you scanned.

Scan serial numbers

You can now start locating the modules you have to scan. You can easily do this by combining your live location with a visual layer (satellite / drone orthomosaic) and a CAD overlay.

When you get to a module, tap the module on the map to bring up the details. Tap the edit button, then tap the serial number field to activate it. Now scan the serial number on the module and see it appear automatically in the field. Hit save and continue to the next module!

If you want, you can include any other required information, like photos from the front and back of the module. All the information will be visible immediately in the Fuse platform.

Export a PDF report

When you've gathered all the information, you can easily export a PDF report that clearly highlights all the problematic modules. Learn more about exporting reports.

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